Drain Cleaning

Over time, buildup inside water and sewer lines is inevitable. This is a result of normal use, sending food, soap sludge, etc. down the lines. Buildup occurs over years of use, slowing the ability of your drains to work properly. Every home has this.

At times, this buildup slows down, or even stops, your drains from working at their best. That’s when you need high pressure water jetting.

How does high pressure water jetting work? A heavy-duty hose with a special nozzle attached is inserted into your drain. Once in place, high pressure water is directed through the special nozzle. This high pressure jet not only cuts through the toughest clog, it also scours the walls of your water and sewer line. The water pressure is flexible, allowing the operator to apply just the right amount of pressure to get the job done.

High pressure water jetting is the most efficient, economical, and environmentally safe way to unclog your drains!

KD & J Plumbing uses this technology along with cameras and locators to pinpoint exactly where and what the clog is. Then he can get to work to restore your drains better than ever.

It can be used on residential and light commercial lines safely.

High pressure water jetting is quicker than other methods of cleaning water and sewer lines. There will be no damage because there’s no heavy equipment used, no digging, no drilling.

Call KD & J Plumbing today and get your water and sewer lines clean and clear, better than ever!